Privacy Policy

This document sets out the privacy policy for the Company

You can access our website without disclosing your personal data to us. By accessing the website, an ID is issued for your session. This cannot identify you as a person.

Our social media sites do allow us to identify you as an individual where you are accessing the sites using your personal profile. This means we may also receive additional personal data that you have chosen to make publicly available within your profile.

Should we send you marketing material we may collect information about your interaction with it, including ‘opens and clicks’.

Stretford Industrial Services Ltd uses personal data to maintain the servicing of the customer relationship.
The following data may be collected and processed when you access the website, social media, marketing materials or contact us via the website or trade with us via telephone, email and/or fax.

This information may include:

  • Contact details – name, telephone number, email address , company address etc.
  • Company and job title
  • Technical details – IP address, online behaviour at our website which is anonymised.
  • Marketing – IP addresses and online behaviour within email marketing. This information is secured and never passed on to third parties.
  • General trading statistics and buying history.
  • Invoicing history – we keep invoices and bank details in accordance with applicable legislation including accounting laws and money laundering. Goods purchased from the shop website use third party payment companies and customers bank details are not available to us. The third party payment companies are fully GDPR compliant.
  • Communication – what we learn about you from letters, emails and conversations between us.
  • Consents – any permissions, consents and preferences you have communicated to ourselves by any means.
  • Your image, should you choose to take part in any photography with ourselves.

We collect and process data about you when you:-

  • Buy products and services
  • Set up an Account
  • Enter supply agreements
  • Make enquiries, send a complaint or interact with us on some other matter.
  • Register and/or interact with marketing material (including but not limited to newsletters and updates) where we discover your contact information and believe we have a legitimate reason to contact you.

Stretford Industrial Services Ltd only collects the personal data that is necessary to deliver products and services, process enquiries, and market products and services.

Stretford Industrial Services Ltd does use a third party to purchase business information with regard to obtaining sales contracts. This is strictly controlled by us and we only use information if a legitimate interest can be ascertained. The third party is fully GDPR compliant.

We use your information in the following ways

  • To fulfil a contract we have with you
  • To deliver our products and services
  • To be able to handle orders as quickly as possible
  • To follow up on enquiries and quote requests
  • To service you better when you approach and interact with our employees, e.g. sales, customer services, etc.
  • To administer customer surveys
  • To manage our relationship with you or your business
  • To develop new ways to meet our customers’ needs and to grow our business
  • To develop and carry out marketing activities on our brand, products or services
  • To study how our customers use our products and services
  • To improve our websites
  • When it is our legal duty
  • When it is in our legitimate interest, unless there is a good reason to protect the individual’s personal data which overrides the legitimate interest.

We protect your data in the following ways

Personal data disclosed on our website/s, in person, via telephone, email or other contact is only passed on to internal departments and employees, who have a legitimate reason and purpose for receiving this knowledge.

We may, for operational reasons supply 3rd party companies with data required to conduct tasks on behalf of ourselves. Where this takes place the data will be limited to only what is essential for that task to be completed, and only to a 3rd party fully compliant with GDPR.

We keep statistics about how users utilize our websites. This is anonymised and is only used to determine which parts of the site are being used.

Your data is stored on secure servers within the UK, and can only be accessed by legitimate users with permissions to access.

We store your data for as long as we have an active customer relationship and thereafter until all accounting and legal requirements are met. Where personal information is not used within a 2 year period, it will be deleted.

In the event of a data breach from our internal servers or those of our external partners, immediate action will be taken to secure the data of our customers and users.

You can at any point request access to the personal data we hold on file and request that it be updated, deleted or restricted. Please note that if you request it be deleted it will not be restorable and any history linked to it will not be retrievable.

We will review this policy annually any changes will be notified to relevant persons.

Stretford Industrial Services Ltd
May 2018